About us

Workspaces inspired by luxury hospitality

The WorkHouse allows you to concentrate on what you do best. Everything you need – from reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to a receptionist and concierge service – is right here, in an inspirational, flexible space. In our community you’ll find the ability to connect with others or focus and block out distractions. Whether you’re a remote worker, a growing start-up, a travelling executive or a solopreneur, you’ll always feel at home when you’re at work.

About The WorkHouse

The WorkHouse is the brainchild of Jankarl Farrugia, who has 20 years’ experience in the workspaces and hospitality industry, and Iniala’s founder, Mark Weingard.

Realising that the business world has transformed in recent years as a result of new paradigms in distancing, remote teams and hybrid working, they set about creating a transformational brand of premium workspaces that are flexible in terms of both contract commitment and size. 

The result is The WorkHouse: state-of-the-art, bespoke workspaces that combine the service and experience cultures of luxury hospitality with advanced technology to create productive environments where employees want to be, inspired by unique locations.

About Iniala

The Iniala Group comprises a cluster of international hospitality and real-companies. It owns award-winning luxury hotels in Malta and Thailand – the Iniala Harbour House and Iniala Beach House – and is behind the development of high-end property projects in Malta, Spain and the UK.